Class Descriptions and Dress Code 

Class Descriptions 

Tiny Dancer creative movement (for dancers 2.5 - 3.5 years old):

This class is designed to instill the joy of movement in our youngest dancers through dance, music, and games. 

Pre-Ballet  (4 -5 years old):

Creative movement encompassing stretching, motor coordination and music appreciation with an introduction to basic ballet steps and tap.

Introductory Ballet, Tap & Jazz (6 years old or entering 1st grade):

The basics of the ballet barre are taught with development of center and diagonal floor work. Beginner tap & jazz will conclude this class.

Ballet I and II (7 years old and up):

*Students are taught the fundamentals of ballet barre exercises emphasized with proper body placement, center work, and moving on diagonal. Each level becomes more complex while building on material learned in previous level. Combination steps and changes of rhythm and direction are incorporated. French terminology is used and as student progresses, classes become an intellectual as well as a physical workout.
*Ballet I students must be 7 years old by September 1, 2018

Ballet III-VI

Emphasis on strengthening technique with new steps introduced at each level. Coordination of arms, legs, head and total body awareness become integral part of development. Combination steps, speed, and more advanced skills also introduced at this level. Pointe (11 years old and up): All pointe students are required to take ballet class twice a week (with the exception of Beginning Pointe). Requires strength and correct alignment. Students are chosen for pointe work on an individual basis at the discretion of the director.

Jazz (6 years and up):

Stylized dance form based on fundamental ballet training and inspired by the pulse of today’s popular music. This class consists of center floor exercises to develop proper technique, strength, flexibility and includes progressions and dance combinations.

Tap (4 years and up):

Class consists of warm-up, tap technique, progressions, and tap combinations.

Hip-Hop (7 years and up):

An expression of American dance that is an upbeat, aerobic workout with popular music of today.

Contemporary/Lyrical (10 years and up, instructor permission required):

A combination of Ballet and Jazz dance that come together through smooth and controlled movements.

Modern Dance (10 years and up):

Focusing on the modern dance techniques of Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Lester Horton. Explores the use of space, focusing on body alignment.


Musical Theater:

 Musical theater encompasses dramatic skills, vocalization and dance to create a triple threat effect. Students will explore aspects of theatrical techniques while bringing scenes from musicals and movies to life with fun choreography, improvisation, and original student-generated work. Focus on character development, connecting to song content and communicating emotionally with the audience and fellow actors. Come play outside the box and become the best performer you can! This nontraditional dance class will encourage students to be creative, take risks and grow both as an individual and as a team player.


Stretch & Strengthen:

Dancers need to dedicate time towards building their flexibility, strength and balance. In this class we will explore how to stretch every part of our body properly and thoroughly using breath work and focus to elongate our muscles. Students will strengthen their core and major muscle groups and will improve balance through a variety of flowing movements and static poses. Students will explore basic anatomy so that they are able to identify which muscles are responsible for motivating particular movements. This class is great for dancers who want to improve their alignment, turn and jump with confidence and understand their body mechanics in order to dance safely.

Dress Code for 2019-2020

All Classes: All students MUST have their hair pulled away from the face in a bun or ponytail. Boys should wear black dance pants, white t-shirt, and black jazz, tap or ballet shoes. Each dance class has a dress code to enable the teachers to view the body and determine correct form. Jewelry is not allowed. Please leave it at home or in the dance bag.


Tiny Dancer: Pink leotard, Ballet Pink tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole)


Pre-Ballet Combo: Pink or Black leotard, , Ballet Pink tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole) and Black patent leather tap shoes with elastic ties

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Introductory: Black leotard, Ballet Pink tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole) and Black patent leather tap shoes with elastic ties (No jazz shoes required)

Ballet I & II: Black leotard, Ballet Pink tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80/A80), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole)


Ballet III: Black leotard, Ballet Pink footed or convertible (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80/A80 or C81/A81), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole)

Ballet IV-VI: Black leotard, Ballet Pink seamed convertible tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C45/A45), Pink leather split sole ballet slippers (Bloch 258 or Bloch 208)

Jazz I-IV:  Black leotard, Tan footed or convertible tights (Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan C80/A80 or C81/A81), Tan split sole jazz shoes (Bloch 495) No ties


Jazz V/VI: Black leotard, Tan footed or convertible tights (Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan C80/A80 or C81/A81), Tan jazz shoes (Bloch Phantom S0473L)


Tap: Black leotard, Tan footed or convertible tights (Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan C80/A80 or C81/A81)

Tap Level I:  Tan tap shoes (Bloch 302)

Tap Level II-VI: Bloch Audeo S0381L  (If you have last years style, that is fine!)

Lyrical: Solid colored leotard, Tan convertible tights (Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan C81/A81),


Modern: Solid colored leotard, Tan or black convertible or footless tights (Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan or Black C81/A81 or C33/A33)

Hip-Hop: Dance pants or shorts with a t-shirt and black hip-hop sneakers

Musical Theater: Solid colored leotard, tights or dance pants, ballet slippers or jazz shoes


Boys: Black pants or shorts, white t-shirt, black jazz, tap or ballet shoes

Adult Tap: Comfortable clothing and tap shoes

Adult Ballet: Leotard/tights or dance pants/shirt and ballet slippers


**If your child has ballet and another class with different color tights, please wear pink tights for all classes** 


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