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Young Dancer

Ages 1.5 to 7 (as of September 1, 2023)

The Young Dancer program serves as the first steps of your little one’s journey in discovering the joys and benefits of movement and self-expression. Our holistic approach ensures physical, cognitive, and social development through music, games, and storytelling in a fun, supportive environment.

Tiny Dancer/Twinkle Tots | Ages 1.5 to 4 years

Twinkle Tots - Spend a half hour bonding with your little one and watch them explore the wonders of movement and music, and the joys of dancing together! (bare feet or socks are fine!)

Tiny Dancer - Come dance, twirl, and jump with us! This class is a fun, supportive introduction to creative movement through ballet and tap, while instilling practical skills like changing shoes, taking turns, waiting in line, and working together. (ballet slippers and tap shoes required)

Dancers will explore dance and music concepts while developing coordination, flexibility, balance - and confidence!  Basic ballet movements, French vocabulary, and tap steps will be introduced through storytelling, games, and simple choreography. (ballet slippers and tap shoes required)

Pre-Ballet | Ages 4 to 6 years (includes Ballet & Tap)

Dancers will build upon foundational technique through a simple ballet barre, center work, and exercises in tap and jazz. Increasingly challenging exercises, with lessons in storytelling and teamwork, create an engaging, structured class. (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, and tap shoes required)

Intro to Ballet, Tap & Jazz | Ages 6 to 8 years
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