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Please note the class titles have changed 

Listed below is where you child should* progress to, as well as suggested classes for 2019-2020

Please email nrsballet@gmail.com for any placement questions

(2018-2019 class - 2019-2020 classes)

Tiny Dancer - Tiny Dancer/Pre ballet Ages 2.5-4

Pre-Ballet Combo - Ballet/Tap/Jazz Intro Ages 4-5

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Intro - Ballet I, Jazz I, Tap I, Hip Hop6 or 1st grade

Ballet I-II - Ballet II, Tap II, Jazz II, Hip Hop, Musical Theater 6+7+

Ballet Elem A-I - Ballet III, Lyrical 10+, Hip Hop, Musical Theater 6+

Ballet Elem A-II - Ballet IV, Pointe Beginner

Ballet Elem B - Ballet IV

Pointe Beginner - Pointe Int

Ballet Int A and B - Ballet V, stretch and strengthen, Variations, Pointe Strength

Ballet Advanced - Ballet VI, stretch and strengthen, Variations, Pointe Strength

Tap/Jazz  Elem A - Tap/Jazz III

Tap/Jazz Elem B - Tap/Jazz IV

Modern Elem - Modern Int

Modern Int/Adv - Modern Adv

Lyrical 10+ - Lyrical Int

Lyrical Int/Adv - Contemporary 13+

*Class Placement is at teacher's discretion*

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