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Recital Info for Families

NRSB Picture Day | May 1st, 2021

NRSB Picture Day is a wonderful opportunity to capture the beauty and joy of our students, and to celebrate all that they've accomplished this year. It's a wonderful keepsake for you, and for our studio!

Clix New England will be at NRSB to take group photos of all classes in their recital costumes. Individual photos are taken by request only and you MUST SIGN UP BY THURSDAY APRIL 29 (instructions below).

For Picture Day, all students should be dressed in their Recital attire. You can find a link to the costume guides for Young Dancer and the 7+ classes here. Recital attire includes:

  • Full costume

  • All hair in buns

  • Makeup, at caregivers' discretion

  • Correct tights and shoes


We know that a Saturday can be tricky for some families, but we encourage all students to participate in the group photos, if possible.

Picture Day 101

Picture Day Schedule

The photo session schedule for May 1st can be found here. The session will take place between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Please make a note of your child's class and their photo session time.

To follow COVID-19 guidelines during Picture Day, we are requesting the following of our families:

  • All caregivers are asked to wait outside the building during the photo session. Staff will come down to retrieve dancers for their photo session and will bring them out when they are done.

  • Each class photo session will take 5-15 minutes.

  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled photo session.  

  • Dancers will be given matching masks for all group photos. Any individual photos will be socially distanced and will not require masks.

  • If your dancer is in multiple classes/dances, please have them arrive in their first costume. Those with costume changes should bring all costumes and tights up with them. 

Ordering Individual Photos from Clix

Time is limited for this photo session, so if you would like your dancer to be photographed individually, you may fill out the Clix Order Form here.

All individual photo requests must be received by Clix by Thursday, April 29th.

Instructions from Clix:

  • If you are just ordering group pictures, there is no need to sign up.  

  • To sign up, go to Click on "Order Here", then "Dance Orders"

  • Event Name: North Reading

  • Password: spring21

  • You will be charged $20 for each dancer you sign up for individual photos. You get this money back, plus some! You will receive a voucher for $25 to put towards pictures you purchase.  

  • Pictures of registered dancers and group pictures will be available to view and purchase one week after picture day.

  • You only need to sign up if you intend to order individual pictures. 

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