NRSB Academy


May 11, 2019

Ages 8-10 12:30-2:00

Ages 13+ 2:30-4:00

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The NRSB Academy consists of dancers who perform and compete.  The Academy allows our students to take their training to the next level. 


It is our mission to encourage the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth of each individual and to stretch and strengthen the body while teaching gracefulness and coordination for dance and performance.


We recognize each dancer as an individual and focus on improving their natural talents and abilities in a fun, encouraging and supportive atmosphere.

Our Academy students learn how to express themselves using their own body as a means of expression. By doing this, they understand the power of self discipline and how ones mind can improve ones physical being. This is an invaluable tool for self confidence. It is the aim of NRSB to produce dancers with proper technique and discipline, who are looking forward to the joys and excitement of a life in dance!



Participants are in the NRSB Academy because of their passion for dance. Once you become a member of our team you are expected to participate in all performances. Our teachers commit their time and energy to create ideas and choreography for exciting dance routines. If dancers miss a rehearsal it makes EVERYONE, teacher and fellow dancers, repeat work. If dancers miss a performance it damages our ability to compete at our highest level.


We strive to accommodate sports and after school activities, however, we ask for devotion where NRSB Academy will come first and foremost after school work. If you play sports and miss technique class, then it is your obligation to make up as many of those classes as possible. This not only shows a commitment to the group but strengthens your dance skills. The Academy class, where choreography is taught, should never be missed unless a student is sick or some unforeseen circumstance comes up. When you miss, everyone misses out, everyone works harder.



Absences: Students are allowed up to three absences from their Academy Class for the year. Techniquie classes must be made-up for classes missed.


Dress Code: Performers must  purchase the NRSB Academy jackets. Jackets must be worn by all Academy students at competitions, performances, and community functions.


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