Ballet 1 & 2


Students are taught the fundamentals of ballet barre exercises emphasized with proper body placement, center work, and moving on diagonal. Each level becomes more complex while building on material learned in previous level. Combination steps and changes of rhythm and direction are incorporated. French terminology is used and as student progresses, classes become an intellectual as well as a physical workout.

(7 years old and up)

Dress Code

All Classes: All students MUST have their hair pulled away from the face in a bun or ponytail. Boys should wear black dance pants, white t-shirt, and black jazz, tap or ballet shoes. Each dance class has a dress code to enable the teachers to view the body and determine correct form. Jewelry is not allowed. Please leave it at home or in the dance bag.

Boys: Black pants or shorts, white t-shirt, black jazz, tap or ballet shoes.

Ballet I & II: Black leotard, Ballet Pink tights (Body Wrappers Ballet Pink C80/A80), Pink ballet slippers (Bloch #205 full sole)


Ballet 3-6

Emphasis on strengthening technique with new steps introduced at each level. Coordination of arms, legs, head and total body awareness become integral part of development. Combination steps, speed, and more advanced skills also introduced at this level. Pointe (11 years old and up): All pointe students are required to take ballet class twice a week (with the exception of Beginning Pointe). Requires strength and correct alignment. Students are chosen for pointe work on an individual basis at the discretion of the director.